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Updated: Jan. 15 (16:03)

The Dignity of Labor
Teamsters Local 355
Three Ways MLK Speaks to Our Time
Teamsters Local 355
The Dignity of Labor
Teamsters local 570
Three Ways MLK Speaks to Our Time
Teamsters local 570
Bargaining Alert 01-14-2018
RN Staff Council, OPEIU, Local 40, AFL-CIO, CLC
PIW Barganing Report 18
Communications Workers of America Local 2336
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COLA for 2014-15

The COLA for AFSCME represented employees for the coming year is ______% per the CPI-W January 2015 to January 2016. The salary schedule is posted at

Action Center
Policy Experts: Public Pensions Should Be Strengthened, Not Eliminated
Traditional pensions are still the most efficient way of guaranteeing retirement security for workers. The economy benefits too, as pensions are a highly efficient source of financing that ultimately provides income and jobs for others. These are the conclusions shared by a panel of state leaders and policy experts at a press briefing yesterday at the National Press Club. Participants took turns separating fact from fiction on budget and policy proposals regarding defined benefit pensions.
The positive impact of public employee pensions
The report, titled "Pensionomics 2012," finds that U.S. public employee pensions account for 6.5 million American jobs and $1 trillion in economic output — that's trillion, with a "t."
FMLA Fact Sheet
Additional information on FMLA.
More evidence that public employees are NOT overpaid
A Portland publication that specializes in financial analysis compares public vs. private sector wages.
My teachers weren't lazy, incompetent, greedy, overpaid or thugs
..."I remember Mrs. Hale from 4rd grade and she was none of these – neither were Mrs. Jones, Mr. Baker, and so many other teachers I had, whose names slip my mind. Now granted, at the time I thought some of them were mean for always assigning lots of homework, but how many kids prefer homework to playing?"
State management, non-representeds get AFSCME deal
DAS extends the union's contract settlement to another 6,000-plus state employees
AFSCME members join in the 'Occupy Portland' event
Oregon AFSCME city, county, health care, social service and retiree members joined 10,000 other citizens in support of Occupy Portland on Oct. 6. Chanting, "We are the 99 percent," protesters came from a variety of backgrounds and demanded an end to the overwhelming influence of money and corporations.
Sweet Home Police Reach Tentative Deal
After 18 months of negotiations, the city of Sweet Home and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which represents its law enforcement employees, have reached a tentative contract agreement, according to City Manager Craig Martin.
AFSCME Local 2909
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